To craft a page, open Shorby Page Builder, and fill in 3 sections:

1️⃣Messengers: select the best ways to contact you as quickly as possible!

2️⃣Blocks: put links with everything you want to show. Blocks can contain images, videos, texts, songs, products, RSS - anything!

3️⃣Social Links: let everyone subscribe to your other social accounts by adding your profiles' icons.

🎨Customize a page with themes in Settings&Style;

📈 Apply Pixels to track clicks and manage traffic, and you are good to go!

Where can I find Shorby tutorials?

If you wonder how to build an engaging page easily, please check these wonderful video tutorials! For more information, you can explore the reviews made by bloggers and Shorby customers -

BONUS: We collect the most amazing examples of Smart Pages built by our users on Shorby Examples Board. Feel free to visit it for inspiration!

How much does Shorby cost?

We provide every new user with a 5-days trial period to check Shorby and see how it works! When you sign up, your trial is on the Rocket Plan. There are 3 Subscriptions on Shorby to choose from:

🚀Rocket is for someone who uses social networks for business. If you have an online store with goods to share, grab this plan, and boost your conversions.
😎Pro gives you all of the advanced features such as custom domain and Google Analytics integration so that you may improve your performance, and strategize your next steps.
💼Agency is for big companies or managers. This plan allows you to manage multiple accounts separately, add team members, and get advanced data analytics.

How can I earn on Shorby?

Despite the earnings from traffic growth and dozens of random visitors turned into your paid clients, you can get profit from Shorby Rewarding Program!

It takes one minute to join and gives you a 50% commission of each payment made by a customer you led for six months straight.

🚀Set up in 3 little steps:

  1. Click here to activate your Shorby wallet;
  2. Put the email you used in step 1 to the Shorby logo on all of the pages;
  3. Place your Shorby page everywhere your audience can find it.

Do you have questions or feedback? Please feel free to reach Shorby support via the chat, or explore Help Center to get information!

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