Instagram feed inside of a Shor Page became reality! You can easily set it by using the Dynamic Feed option. 

To insert the Instagram feed into your Page, follow these instructions:

1. Open the service, and choose to get RSS for Instagram;
2. Get the RSS link for your Instagram account;
3. In Page builder, click on Add Block and choose the 'Dynamic feed' option;
4. Click on put RSS/Atom feed URL to open the RSS editor;
5. Paste the link into the Feed URL field;
6. Magical moment! Shor will generate the title for you (Instagram account username), and pick the feed.
7. Feel free to set the number of items to appear (from 1 to 5), and the block layout

  • Cards - images with a text below;

  • Thumbnails - narrow buttons with an image thumbnail and a title beside;

  • Mixed - both cards and thumbnails;

  • Tiles - cards with backgrounds arranged in two columns.

Don't forget to hit the Publish button to save the settings!

You can use these instructions for any other source: Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc!

Troubleshooting: if you have any problems with the RSS to set on your Page, please contact us via chat!

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