Many of Shor users share their products or creations at their Pages, and the Price tag always was a missing tool for them. Now you can create a whole online store right inside Shor! Here is how:

  1. In Smart Page builder, choose to create Button or Card Block;

  2. All of the Rich links include the ability to set a price tag;

  3. Paste a link to your product. It can be taken from any place: your Etsy, Shopify stores, links from other marketing platforms, or any other online stores;

  4. Magical moment! Shor will detect the name of your product, its price, and an image to load;

  5. Feel free to customize the pricing labels by changing texts and colors for the Card or Background type of Rich links!

The Price Tag option is available on all of the Shor subscription plans.

Troubleshooting: if you do not see the price tag option on your Smart Page builder, please refresh the page several times, or clear your web browser’s cache. The option will appear. If you have any problems or feedback, don’t hesitate to reach us via the chat!

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