We provide the SSL certificate to each link with a custom domain tied with Shor!

To set SSL, please open your Project settings. You will see the button to add SSL next to your custom domain. 

Once you click on it, we get the request to enable the certificate for your domain. It may take us up a few hours to apply it. Then, your link will automatically become the https:// one with an SSL certificate on it.

If you would like to apply SSL for the "www" version of your site (www.mysite.com), please create an A record with www and our IP address, or add a CNAME for your original domain. Shor will recognize that your mysite.com has the www.mysite.com form, and automatically apply SSL on it too.

IMPORTANT: Only the A record with our IP address should point to the domain you want to add. If you have multiple A records, please remove them before placing a domain/subdomain on Shorby.

IMPORTANT FOR CLOUDFLARE USERS: Please, check if the A record with our IP address has proxies turned off (grey cloud instead of orange).

Troubleshooting: if you don't see the add SSL button next to your domain, please refresh the page several times or clear your browser's cache. If you have any other problems, feel free to contact us via chat!

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