You may upload a couple of new videos to your YouTube channel, or publish an important article in your blog - Shor Dynamic Feed automatically adds the button to your new creation! The only action needed from you is to set the RSS link to your Page.

Please note: the page you want to add must contain any type of feed for Shor to recognize it! If Shor cannot find the feed, you can try using the service.

To open the Dynamic Feed editor, click on Add Block and choose the 'Dynamic feed' option. Then, paste any URL or RSS link to the 'Feed URL field. Shor will automatically recognize the title and pick the latest updates of a website you put the link to.

You can always edit the generated title. Also, feel free to set the number of items to appear (from 1 to 5), and the block layout

  • Cards - images with a text below;

  • Thumbnails - narrow buttons with an image thumbnail and a title beside;

  • Mixed - both cards and thumbnails;

  • Tiles - cards with backgrounds arranged in two columns.

The Hide option is also available for RSS. By using it, you will hide the whole block.

A Page can contain up to 5 Dynamic Feed blocks simultaneously.

Example of Dynamic Feed setting at Page builder:

Don't forget to hit the Publish button to save the settings!

The Dynamic Feed feature is available for Pro and Agency subscription holders only.

Troubleshooting: if you have any problems with the RSS to set on your Page, please contact us via chat!

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