Our Pricing includes a lot of terms that can be hard to understand. Here are all of them to help you in choosing the most suitable plan!


You can create a page for everything: for your personal business needs, for giveaways, for music albums, online stores, and even a page to invite your friends to a birthday party! There are no limits to your creativity, so the more pages are available for you, the better.

Projects and Teams
Projects can separate pages like folders. If you have multiple clients or, for example, two different businesses - projects are must-have for you! Once you created several projects, feel free to invite up to 10 team members or clients to help you in managing pages.

Page features

Direct messenger buttons
The faster a visitor finds a way to contact you, the quicker he becomes your client! You can set buttons to lead a clicker directly to you from Page to speed up the reach. Phone, email, WhatsApp, and more - choose the most convenient!

Dynamic Feeds
Automated blocks to keep your Shor pages updated. Connect any RSS feed, YouTube, ApplePodcast, or Shopify catalog, choose the layout, and Shor will update your buttons when you upload something new to these platforms!

Rich links per page
Rich links are the links with images. It is highly recommended to use them for adding videos and products to your Page to improve the engagement rate! The number of Rich Links available per Page depends on a chosen subscription plan.

The number of links
Every Page is divided into 3 sections:  Messengers, Blocks, Social Links. Everything you add to the Blocks section counts as a link - an image you uploaded from your device or even a text you typed. The number of Blocks available to add depends on a subscription plan.

Price Tags (labels)
On Shor, you can put a price tag on your product, or provide a button with a catchy label to get more attention! Shor will detect the name of your product, its price, and an image to load automatically, but you can always customize it!


Button image
Each button of your Page may include a custom image to add! Upload a picture from any place, and choose a way how to display it on your Page. It can be placed left to a button title, be a button background, or appear as a big image above the title of your link. 

Background image
Feel free to choose any image to set as a background for your Page. Even a GIF may be added by you to make an eye-catchy page!

Style colors
Shor Pages include a huge range of themes to set up: pick a ready-to-go style, choose random colors if you feel lucky, or pick any color to match the design with your brand!


Ad Platforms (tracking pixels)
Use Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads, Twitter, Pinterest, Quora, LinkedIn, and Snapchat Pixel IDs for integration with Shor to collect audiences and retarget the traffic! Choose the preferred platform or use all of them simultaneously by creating Pixel sets.

Tracked Clicks
Tracked clicks are the human clicks we count to let you see the real statistics for each link or page you have on Shor. The number of smart clicks renews every month so that you can get actual statistics monthly and manage your accounts/links according to the data you have.

Short links
You can shorten any link you want to share in the internet using our built-in Shor link shortener. Don’t forget to set a pixel into it to collect all of the leads! This option is not available during the trial period.

Messenger links
Messenger links are valuable to collect audience - clicker who tried to reach you directly is probably close to becoming your client. Put links to preferred ways of contacting you as buttons to the top of your Page, collect and retarget - let your business grow!

Custom slashtags
With custom slashtags, you may turn a generated shor.by/45g3gky link into something good-looking or brand-highlighting, for example, shor.by/niketraining.


Click Insights
Our systems count every human click to your links and pages so that you always get the most actual analytics. Click insights will show you what link is the most clickable, what contact method your audience prefers, or what social network is being checked more frequently. Useful to understand your audience’s behavior!

Google Analytics
The most significant service to analyze and manage your audience is available to integrate with Shor! Just put a Google Analytics pixel to all Shor links or pages and collect all of the data you may need. 

Custom Domain
A custom domain covers shor.by part of a Page's address so that the link looks like it’s your website (yoursite.com instead of shor.by). Great for big brands! Only 1 custom domain is available to add per project on Shor.

Team members
A team member is someone to help you in managing pages or a client who is craving to see the insights of his Page. You can invite a team member to a project so that they will only see this exact project without sharing any passwords or credentials.

Weekly insights
Get a weekly dose of statistics for all of your pages to always know the number of clicks, the rate of engagement, and the traffic gained - all of the necessary information to skyrocket your Shor page’s performance!

🤑 Shor Rewards
Shor is famous for its Rewarding program. Once you create a Smart Page, you become a part of it and can earn up to $300 from every customer you led doing nothing! By the way, you get $30 credits to start right after the signup.

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