You can confirm if the codes you bought on AppSumo redeemed successfully by clicking here -

Discount section shows how many codes you redeemed.
Here is what you will see if you redeemed everything correctly for:
2 codes: SHORBY-PRO-XXXXX-XXXXX (the last dights of the two codes you entered);
3+ codes: SHORBY-AGENCY-XXXXX-STACKED3 (or 4,5,6, etc). The STACKED3 part shows how many codes added.

One coupon code can be redeemed only once. If you get "coupon expired" message, it means the code is already added.

Active Subscriptions - you will see the plan you are on (Rocket, Pro, Agency). Don't worry about the "Monthly" word - your account is lifetime thanks to the coupons you have.

If you have more codes to redeem, upgrade your lifetime subscription by adding a new coupon here - Enter all of the codes one-by-one to the redeem window, and they will automatically stack on your account.

If you have any problems with codes redemption, please contact us via the chat!

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