There are 3 Theme options for Pages:

1. Choosing the ready-to-go theme. We crafted 30 fancy colorful themes to help you in combining button and background colors. You may choose one, and then click on the tick to check how it looks like on your Page. 

2. Feeling lucky? Click on the magic stick and get the random combination of background and a button color. We worked on them too so that even the unexpected combination will always be nice and compatible!

3. Create your own design! Click on the settings wheel and you will open the world of the customization. Choose from colors we already have, or pick the # hex color.

Background can be solid, gradient (with any of 2 colors you want), or uploaded.
Background to upload can be both an image or a GIF!
Don’t hesitate to choose from different sources: upload a background from the web, from your device, import from Instagram or FB, take it from Google Drive or Dropbox, and even put a link to a preferred image.

Maximum size for a background image (or GIF) is 5 MB.
Maximum dimensions for a background image are 2480x2480 px.

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