The word 'Rich' in Rich Links is reasonable: you can upload images, videos, GIFs, music, podcasts to your Smart Pages to make them impressive and eye-catchy!

Adding Image/GIF to a Smart Page can be done in two ways:

  • The first one is to paste a link that contains an image and leave the title field empty. 
  • Second - choose the last type of Rich link 'card' one and click on the Image button that will appear instead of the icon field. It will allow you to choose from different sources: upload from the web, from your device, import from Instagram or FB, even take it from Google Drive or Dropbox.

Maximum size for image or GIF to upload is 3 MB.
Maximum dimensions are 1200x1200 px.

Adding a video to a Smart Page has several restrictions at the moment. You can add a YouTube, TikTok, or another video service link as a Block, and choose any appearance you want.

Unfortunately, uploading media from your device is unavailable at the moment.

Please notice: once a visitor clicks on your YouTube or TikTok video, it takes him to YouTube/TikTok to watch it. It is a temporary decision, and video playing inside of a page will be switched on within the next Shorby update. Same to the uploading and using different video hosting services. If you have any ideas or suggestions about videos on Shorby Smart Pages, don't hesitate to share them with us via the chat!


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