The Add Block section is the key part of your Shor Page. You can paste literally everything to it: texts, images, videos, GIFs, links, and even products to sell!

There is no need for you to think of anything - Shor automatically recognizes the image and the title of a link you put! But, if you want to make some changes, you may set whatever you are up to.

The Add Block part of the Shor Page builder is divided into these 3 sections:

  1.  Button or Card;

  2. Subtitle and Text;

  3. Dynamic feed;

  4. Countdown.

Subtitle and Text Block

allows you to add a plain text to your page. Feel free to write your story, describe your company mission, or share any other information! To add it, choose this icon and the window to fill with a title and a text will appear.

Button or Card Block

can be used to add a colored button with a text of your link. You can add any link as a button to this section. Thumbnail, Background, and Card Blocks are the Rich Links. Rich Links are ones that contain images. The Thumbnail shows an image on the left side of a button, Background puts it backside of a text, and Card opens the whole picture with a text below.

Dynamic feed

contains from automated blocks to keep your Shor pages updated. Connect any RSS feed, YouTube, ApplePodcast, or Shopify catalog, choose the layout, and Shor will update your buttons when you upload something new to these platforms!


allows you to add a timer that will disappear after the set period! You can customize it with images, buttons, and texts. The option is only available for Pro and Agency subscribers.

To change the order of the uploaded blocks, just hold one and move it up and down.

You can add any text as a title for a block, and upload any image, icon, or emoji.
Also, there are tools to Pop or Hide a block while editing it.

Each block you create has the Schedule option that allows setting the period when it will appear on your Shor Page (Pro and Agency subscription only).

In case if you want to delete a block entirely, click on the trash can at the upper-left side of the Block Settings window.

Troubleshooting: if you have any problem while using Blocks on Shor, feel free to contact us via the chat!

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