Which plan suits me the most?
It depends on what you do, how many accounts you have, and how are you going to work with Shor.

🚀Rocket is for someone who uses social networks (mostly Instagram) for business. If you have an online store with goods to share, grab this plan, and boost your conversions.

😎Pro gives you all of the advanced features such as Google Analytics integration so that you may improve your performance, and strategize your next steps.

💼Agency is for big companies or managers. This plan allows you to manage multiple accounts separately, add team members, and get advanced data analytics.

How do I subscribe?
While you on the trial period, there is the 'Activate' button on your Dashboard which leads to subscription activation. The monthly subscription renews automatically every 30 days.

Is there any trial period?
Yes, we provide every new user with 5-days trial period to check Shor and see how it works! Once you sign up, your trial is on the Rocket Plan. If you choose a plan to subscribe, the first payment will be taken in 14 days after the sign up anyway.

Is Shor free?
There is no free plan on Shor at the moment. Please, contact us via chat to leave the request, and we will notify you once Shor free plan is available!

Can I pay annually?
Yes! We have annual plans which will save you up to 22% of the original plan price! Check out here - https://dash.shorby.com/pricing!

How do I pay on Shor?
We use Stripe for payments. It accepts cards from almost all world banks. We don't have any alternative ways of paying such as PayPal at the moment.

Are there any special discounts?
We provide a lifetime subscription on the Shor Rocket plan for non-profit organizations! To get one, please contact us via chat, tell a few words about what your organization does, and attach any documentation confirming the non-profit status. 

Also, we give the Lifetime free subscription in exchange for the Use Case YouTube video about us! Check the details by clicking here!

If you have any other questions or problems with your subscription, please contact us via chat!

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