Get extra $30 credits from the first $100 income on your Shor page!

Just two steps:

1️⃣Create Shor wallet to get payouts

2️⃣Enter this email on all Shor pages

Update all your Shor pages: click on the Shor logo downside a Page you are editing, enter the email there, and voila!

How it works:

#1. Share your love of Shor, without a word
You use SHOR and your followers need SHOR too. Science!

#2. Get up to $297 for each follower when they start Shor
Without any effort! Just use Shor on your Instagram as usual.
The WOW-product that sells itself!

#3. Get the first payouts, plus a $30 thank-you reward from the first $100
Just four referrals from thousands of followers, and you get a $30 thank-you reward + up to $1188 for each one!

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P.S. Don't forget to tell everyone that they will also get the $30 of credits for signing up on Shor!

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