Avatar is a vital part of any bio link page. Use any image to help you or your brand to become easier to recognize!

Formats available for avatars: PNG, JPG (JPEG), GIF. Such format as SVG which is often used for logos is not available on Shor at the moment.

The maximum size of an image is 2 MB.

Maximum dimensions are 720x720 px.

Don’t hesitate to choose from different sources: upload an avatar from the web, from your device, import from Instagram or FB, take it from Google Drive or Dropbox, and even put a link to a preferred image. For GIFs, we recommend you to use links to GIFs from https://giphy.com/!

Once you got an image, you may crop and rotate it in any way before uploading.

Please notice: you will not be able to edit an avatar image if you don’t have a subscription, and your trial period is over.

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