Every new bio link page can contain a title and a description. You can find them by clicking Title here.

To add them, type any text (in any language) you want in the Title/Description areas. There is no character limit for title and description, so feel free to share anything you want!
Both title and description have the Centre text alignment.

There is no custom font to choose from at the moment, but the one we have looks attractive, combining with the style of the whole page you are up to create.

You can add the name and brief description of your company, introduce yourself, give your Shor Page a name, or do nothing at all! If you add no text, nothing will appear there when you publish a page.

Troubleshooting: if you discover any issue with adding a text to the title or description, please contact us via chat!

P.S. We are working on adding a text editor to Shor pages with all of the vital tools inside. It will be rolled out very soon! Message us to get the list to notify when the editor is released!

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