Custom backgrounds, animated Avatars, text blocks, GIFs, videos, and eye-catching design will take your page’s performance to the next level 🤩

To find out more about every tool included in Smart Pages, just click on its title below.

1.Title and Description

Add a catchy title to your Shor Page and share something important at the description section! 

2. PNG Avatar
Upload a PNG Avatar to make your Shor Page look like a real company website or select a PNG image you love and tend to set everywhere! Add it from any place: Internet link, Instagram, Facebook, your device or cloud services, such as Dropbox, or Google Drive! Feel free to crop it and rotate if you need to.

3. GIF Avatar
Make your avatar alive by setting a GIF to it! You can upload it from any place, but don't forget that it shouldn't be too heavy for your page to carry - the limit for GIFs is 2MB. Cropping and rotating is also available for GIFs on Shor.

4. Up to 5 Messengers
Shor Pages allow you to add multiple Messengers to let anyone who visits your page use the way to contact you they like most. Add them all: WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Skype, and Viber, and be ready to get a storm of messages from people who reached your Shor Page!

5. Add a link in a couple of clicks
Adding a link to a page has never been so easy! Just paste it at Add Block section, and we will convert it into something good-looking. It's up to you to edit a title, choose an icon for it or even change a link's appearance. Your links will not only work for you, but they will also become the adornment for your Shor Page!

6. Text Block ✍️
Want to write a story on your Shor Page? The Text block will help you in getting people attention to what you want to tell them! At Block section, choose the lines only icon, and a place to add text will appear. 

7. Text and Title
What makes a man read a text? The title! Add a title to the Text Block, and it will appear above the text you wrote in this block.

8. Text and Photo
If your text requires an illustration, you may add it to your Shor Page too! Choose to add one more block, click on the icon which contains an image (the last in line one), remove a caption if it appeared, and voila! you have a picture added to your Shor Page. You can move it above or below the title and text.

9. Videos
If you want your Add a video to your Shor Page Just paste a link to a video, choose the icon which contains an image (the last in line one), add a title, and you are good to go! The list of video resources you will be able to use on Shor Pages keeps growing, so don't hesitate to request a video site you want on Shor in our Roadmap!

10. Custom Image for Video Button
If you don't like the automatically set thumbnail for a video uploaded to Shor, feel free to set your image there! You need to click on the image icon and choose a picture to take from any place you want. You may also crop and rotate it.

11. Custom Image for Button
Rich Links are ones containing an image. There are three icons ( 3rd, 4th, and the 5th in Block section) which turn a block you add into the Rich Link.
Each button of your Shor Page may include a custom image to add! Upload a picture from any place, and choose a way how to display it on your Shor Page. It can be placed left to a button title, be a button background, or appear as a big image above the title of your link. 

12. GiF Button
Same to the feature to add an image to your link - you can upload a GIF to appear with the button you created! Choose icon which contains an image (the last in line one), click on adding image button and upload a GIF to place it in a button. 

13. Countdown Timer (Pro/Agency)

Nothing makes a block more eye-catchy than a timer showing the urgency of your offer! Set the countdown by choosing this block type and setting the time when the clocks should appear and expire.

14. Price Tags
Many Shor users share their products or creations at their Shor Pages, and the Price tag always was a missing tool for them. Now you can create a whole online store right inside Shor!

15. Dynamic Feeds (Pro/Agency)
You may upload a couple of new videos to your YouTube channel, or publish an important article in your blog - Shor Dynamic Feed automatically adds the button to your new creation! The only action needed from you is to set the RSS link to your Shor Page.

16. Reorder your links
You can move all of the blocks you added in the order you like most. Just hold one and move it up or down. 

17. Blocks scheduler (Pro/Agency)

Set up a period for a block to appear on your Shor Page! After it disappears, it will remain in your Dashboard with saved statistics and pixel data.

18. Awesome icons for buttons
We have more than 1000 icons available for you to add to links in Shor Pages! Click on the option to choose an icon, type a keyword and you will probably find an icon suitable for your button. 

19. Emoji for buttons 🔥
You can paste an emoji to the title of your button so that it will look a lot more catchy on your Shor Page. If you use Shor on mobile, just add any emoji you have inside of your keyboard. As for the desktop version, you can find emojis here -, and then add it to a button.

20. Pop Block
If you want to highlight a block to let everyone pay attention on it, click on a star while editing it. Only one block can pop per one Shor Page.

21. Hide Block
Want to remove a block from your Shor Page? Don't rush with deleting it! Just click on Hide icon, and a block will disappear from your Page while all of the clicks will stay inside of your Shor Page's statistics.

22. Choose right style
Our designers crafted 30 themes for you to ease a Shor Page creation for you. Choose one in Settings&Style and continue filling your Shor Page with different content!

23. Or «I'm feeling lucky»
Are you the one who always has luck on his side? Try using the magic stick which will craft a random theme you will probably enjoy! Keep clicking on a stick until you get a theme which catches you the most. Click on tick to save it and check how it looks like on your Shor Page.

24. Or create your own
Feel like you are in the mood to craft a theme yourself? Great! You can choose and set a button color and a background. The background is a place to use your creativity: set a solid color, create your gradient by choosing two colors and gradient's angle, or upload any custom image! It can be a .png, .jpg picture, or even a GIF. To check how the design looks like, click on the tick and your Shor Page will appear on its ready-to-go way.

25. Use your Shor Wallet to get money rewards
The built-in logo in each Shor Page is the easiest way for you to start getting 50% commission for every new Shor customer you led with the Rewarding Program! 

 To do so, please follow these instructions:

  1. Sign up here - it creates your Shor wallet;

  2. Click on the SHOR logo while editing a page;

  3. Put the email you used in step 1 to the Shor logo on all of the pages;

  4. Place your Shor page everywhere your audience can find it!

You go crazy, and we don't want to stop you!

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