Shor collects clicks from all of the links you added and counts statistics to let you see the detailed information in dynamics.
We collect human clicks only detected by the open-sourced algorithms.
You can see the total number of clicks on your bio link, and, if you expand the link, you will find out the number of clicks per each link inside the bio.
The total number is summary of clicks on each link inside of a bio link.

The blue chart shows you the dynamics for clicks on your links. There is a chart for the whole bio link and a chart for each link inside. Click on a link to see stats for it.
If you point on a chart's tops, you will see a date and clicks made.
Each chart shows you a month of dynamics which moves daily (5th of January - 5th of February, 6th of January - 6th of February next day).

We don't have an option to set a period to see different dynamics, but we are working on it.

You can also get the detailed info by integrating pixels to links and check out the analytics inside platforms whose pixels you use.

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