You can use Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads, Twitter, Pinterest, Quora, LinkedIn, Snapchat, and even Google Analytics Pixel IDs for integration with Shor!

The number of Pixel IDs available to add depends on your subscription.

  • Start Plan - you can add only 1 ad platform's Pixel ID. Google Analytics Pixel is not available on this Plan.

  • Pro and Agency Plans - you can add all of the ad platforms' Pixel IDs.

Wonder where to find Pixel IDs of different platforms? Check it out here.

You can add Pixel IDs and create Pixel lists at the Dashboard under your link where the statistics located

or at the "Settings and Style" tab while editing a bio link.

Click on the "Tracking Pixels" or "+" button and follow the adding instructions which will appear according to the Ad platform you would like to integrate.

If something isn't clear about adding Pixel IDs to Shor, please contact our support team via chat!

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