Projects are mostly for teams, and agencies love to use them in their workflow. If you want to group some of your links to give access to your clients or teammates (in any case where certain people should see certain links), you should use Projects. As well as this is clear and convenient when everything sorted, even if you are one man show.

Each Project has its Dashboard - a place where all of the projects' links and statistics located. 

The number of Projects available for you depends on your subscription plan.

  • If you are on the Rocket or Pro Plan, only 1 Project is available. You will need to upgrade to Agency subscription to add more projects.

  • If you are on the Agency Plan, then you can add up to 3 Projects.

  • If 3 Projects aren't enough, you can buy even more of them!
    Here are the prices:
    $15/mo 4th-20th project;
    $10/mo 21st-100th project;
    $7/mo 101st+ project.

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