More links more clicks, it's really that simple! If you offer more products you have a better chance to interest your followers!

✅ And there is a solution 👇


1. Go through your outfit!

You are awesome! Post your new looks on Insta more often and choose which clothes will draw attention from your followers! 

Sign up on the VigLink affiliate platform as a Publisher. On there, you can find any clothes you wear from your Nikes to really expensive Rolex! Of course, you can use any other affiliate platform you want.

Create a bio link on SHOR. It's really simple and you can easily create bio links for each new outfit! Add all your VigLink affiliate links to SHOR. We recommend to add up to 7-10 links per outfit for better results!

3. Watch how clicks are converting to $$$

Please don't forget to post your new outfits and write a good description for your post (for example: "Check out all of my outfit on the link in my bio!") Add Whatsapp and Analyze clicks with real-time stats on how your links perform on SHOR Dashboard.

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